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Episode 12 – Big Hemp Meets Big Business with BigMike

In this exclusive interview, we discuss the business of cannabis and hemp with the “Business Outlaw” BigMike Straumetis. BigMike shares with us what he’s learned from decades of experience inside the cannabiz. From his #1 selling hydroponics nutrients company Advanced Nutrients to his podcast Business Outlaws, Big Mike has experienced a great amount of success in the cannabiz, and he’s not done yet… See what he’s got planned for the future in this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks.

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Episode 11 – The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Tommy Chong

In this extra-special interview, we discuss cannabis, culture, stigmas, and stereotypes with the one-and-only Tommy Chong. Share a laugh, learn his secrets for the perfect smoke, discover how the government threatened his family, and hear exclusive insights into his spirituality in this legendary episode of Cannabis Tech Talks.

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