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Episode 75: Seeking Justice for Cannabis Offenders

In today’s episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, hear from members of the Last Prisoner Project (LPP) as they explore criminal justice reform. Co-Founder Andrew DeAngelo shares what inspired the launch of LPP. Sarah Gersten, executive director and general counsel for the organization, discusses how legalization is helping advance equity and expungement in the industry. Yet, she notes, there was still a lack of focus on individuals incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis crimes. That’s where LPP found its purpose.

Evelyn LaChapelle, an advisory board member for LPP, shares her journey as a first-time nonviolent cannabis offender. Mikelina Belaineh, director of criminal justice law and policy at LPP, details the barriers past offenders face as they work to re-enter their lives after incarceration. Discover how you can help LPP in today’s important discussion adapted from the Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference.

Episode 74: The National Cannabis Party With Special Guest Redman

What does democracy mean to you? If you’re ready for your elected officials to start voting in favor of the issues you care about, consider signing up for the National Cannabis Party. Today’s episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, adapted from the Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference, reveals the party’s ambitions and strategies for advancing the nation’s cannabis agenda. Special guest Redman makes an appearance and party leaders discuss what the blockchain can do for political representation.

Episode 73: Education and Inspiration at the Cannabis Science Conference

Cannabis is more than a plant. It’s a network of cannabinoids, terpenes, and molecules that are shaping the future of medicine, manufacturing, and more. In this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, President, CEO, and founder of the Cannabis Science Conference Joshua Crossney shares what he’s learned from years hosting one of the nation’s premiere, science-driven cannabis conferences. After a hiatus in events due to the pandemic, the Cannabis Science Conference is back with more insights, takeaways, and revelations guaranteed to inform and inspire. Learn more at

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