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CTT Episode 48 : Jon Goldman wants to help members of the Cannabis Industry own their own homes.

Nobody likes talking about mortgages or refinancing, but we promise this podcast will inspire, educate, and inform. Illinois is adapting rapidly to legalized cannabis, but how are new home buyers with an income from cannabis supposed to find a lender? Federal banking isn’t friendly to the cannabis industry — but there are solutions. Listen as Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner discovers how would-be-homeowners can find hope for their future.

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Episode 47: The David Crosby

This week’s episode of Cannabis Tech Talks brings a celebrity guest to the situation room. Frontman for The Birds and Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, as well as the face of the Mighty Croz Brand, the legendary David Crosby joins Managing Editor Patricia Miller to discuss some of the setbacks and difficulties of maintaining a celebrity cannabis brand. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to Cannabis Tech Talks to keep up with all the action.

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Episode 46: Elizabeth Browde – 420MEDIA & The ALL NEW Cannabis Television Network

Along with your host Editor-in-Chief, Charles Warner; Elizabeth Browde, COO of 420MEDIA discusses her latest venture: A New Cannabis Channel. There’s considerable buzz around cannabis but there’s still too much fear and stigma. Browde’s channel dispels the myths and dives into the science behind the therapeutic and widely misunderstood plant.

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