Monthly Archives: October 2021

Episode 65: Ricky Williams: The Heisman Healer

In this special episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Former NFL player and Heisman trophy winner Ricky Williams shares his journey with medicinal cannabis. Pulled from the Emerge archives, this moving keynote speech explores Williams’ battle with anxiety and pain brought on from years of intense athletic performance. Discover how he’s using Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine as companions to cannabis in his wellness regiment. Tune in to find out what’s next in Williams’ transformational journey.

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Episode 64: MJ Unpacked CEO George Jage

In this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Managing Editor Patricia Miller sits down with George Jage, co-founder and CEO of MJ Unpacked. MJ Unpacked is a unique trade event designed to connect retailers and brands with investors, taking place October 21-22 in Las Vegas. In this discussion, Jage explores the future of trade shows, how brands should measure their event ROI, and offers tips for taking a brand to the national level.

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