Monthly Archives: August 2021

Episode 61: Montel Williams

There are few people in the cannabis industry who are as knowledgeable and outspoken about cannabis as Montel Williams. The veteran, TV host, and cannabis advocate shares his thoughts on the state of the industry, the impacts of COVID-19, and what’s next for the evolving cannabis space. Williams joins Cannabis & Tech Today Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner to explore the demand for education, leadership, and informed legislation in this special episode.

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Episode 60: Drinking Your High with CEO of Lively Spirits Matt Cohen

When will we see the beer of the cannabis world? There are so many companies doing innovative work, surely one of them can come up with a product that sets in quickly, wears off predictably, and provides a party-like buzz. CEO of Lively Spirits Matt Cohen says that’s exactly what they’ve created. His newest product, purejuana, is set to disrupt the alcohol industry by offering customers a cannabis “alcohol replacement.” How does it work and why hasn’t anyone done it before? What sets it apart from other cannabis-infused beverages? Find all the answers to your questions in this week’s Cannabis Tech Talks.

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