Monthly Archives: February 2021

Episode 51: Whole Plant Wellness | A Cannabis Journey with Danny Murr-Sloat, Co-Founder, AlpinStash

The path to cannabis is different for everyone. For many, the journey starts with pain. For Danny Murr-Sloat, his career in cannabis cultivation started with severe pain, fentanyl, and a deep desire to find pain management solutions that didn’t leave him depressed, asleep, and missing out on his life. In this special episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Murr-Sloat shares his harrowing battle with illness and isolation, and reveals how cannabis helped change his life for the better.

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Episode 50: Glass House Group | Doing Craft Cannabis At Scale with President & Chief Cannabis Officer Graham Farrar

How did a background in technology and eco-innovation help Glass House Group President & Chief Cannabis Officer, Graham Farrar create one of California’s largest cannabis companies? Tune in to this “Sustainable Leadership” special podcast to find out. From his pioneering work with audio company Sonos to founding a vertically-integrated cannabis powerhouse, Farrar is reimagining what it means to grow green. Join host and Cannabis & Tech Today Managing Editor Patricia Miller to discover what it takes to become a leader in sustainability.

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Episode 49: Celebrity-Centric Brands: Hopper Reserve An Art- and Creativity-Driven Cannabis Label with Evan Eneman

We often judge a brand by its packaging. What does this company represent, what’s their culture, and how does it reflect the lifestyle of the person buying it? We speak with Evan Eneman, serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor for some expert insights. From his work with Fiorello, a cannabis branding and marketing agency, to co-founding Casa Verde Capital alongside Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus, Eneman is an authority on creating brand loyalty. He and C&TT Managing Editor Patricia Miller discuss how to create brand identity, build a brand architecture, and the importance of visual storytelling in marketing.

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