Episode 86: Learn How to Open a Dispensary From Cova Software’s CEO

If you were launching a dispensary, what would be your primary concern? According to Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova Software, the majority of entrepreneurs are most concerned with compliance. He created Cova to meet that need. His point-of-sale (POS) software is one of the retail cannabis industry’s most popular interfaces. Cohen said his first priority when creating Cova was to provide retailers with a compliance-focused POS system that would be easy to learn and scalable. Along the way, Cohen spoke with hundreds of entrepreneurs and quickly realized new entrants to the space need more than approachable technology, they need an education on the industry as a whole. That’s why Cova is now offering free educational seminars in new markets across the country. Join in on the conversation as he shares what he’s learned and what entrepreneurs need to know to make their green rush dreams a reality.

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