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Episode 88: Everything is an Edible with Ripple

Fast-acting, consistent, flavorless edible technology exists. The best part? It’s backed by science! Join Cannabis & Tech Today Managing Editor Patricia Miller as she sits down with Ripple Co-Founder and Brand Director Missy Bradley to explore the emerging world of dissolvable concentrates. Bradley reveals why human trials are so rare in the cannabis industry and how Ripple is using data from its experiments to create unique, versatile dissolvables that can turn anything into an edible. Join the conversation and broaden your cannabis horizons with this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks.

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Episode 21 – The Importance of Science and Data in the Cannabis Industry

Why does science research and data matter so much in this day and age? And more importantly who are our sources from the information and data we get? Not all data is the same.
In this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner talks with cannabis advocate, entrepreneur, and researcher, and founder of Aunt Zelda’s and Zelira Therapeutics Ltd. Mara Gordon. Mara and Charles talk about how the cannabis industry has evolved and changed in such a short period of time and what data is the right data.

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