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Episode 18 – Cannabis Labratory Information Managment System – Confident Cannabis

In this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner had the opportunity to talk with Brad Bogus, VP of Marketing at Confident Cannabis. Confident Cannabis is the world’s first technology solution to bring transparency and consistency to legal cannabis through data and insights.

Confident Cannabis provides wholesale cannabis and lab testing software to the industry and has one of the best laboratory information management systems (LIMS) designed specifically for the cannabis industry.

Discover new strains and browse phenotypes with Confident Cannabis’ “Connect” tool, an interactive 3D tool that uses the world’s largest database of cannabis chemistry to visualize cannabis flower by cannabinoid and terpene profile.

Visit https://confidentcannabis.com to learn more!

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Episode 16 – How Cannabis Companies Can Help Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner had the opportunity to speak with Yobie Benjamin, San Francisco-based investor and activist.

Yobie explains how cannabis companies can help fight COVID-19. The largest cannabis companies in the U.S. and beyond all have real-time PCR machines, which are capable of detecting the RNA of the COVID-19 virus. Yobie Benjamin is calling on the FDA to grant a CLIA waiver so that cannabis companies, and other companies and institutions, can pitch in on the fight against the virus.

Testing is critical for identifying infected individuals and separating them from the healthy. Unlike in South Korea, China, etc., the U.S. has failed thus far to scale up testing.

Here’s a brief video by Benjamin talking about the untapped potential of PCR machines: https://www.facebook.com/yobie/videos/10157642328171677/

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Episode 10 – Vaping & The Illicit Market – Cannabis Compliance


Cannabis Tech Talks sits down with Mike Coner, President of ezGreen Compliance, LIVE at New West Summit 5 in San Francisco. ezGreen Compliance is a point-of-sale software company that empowers cannabis business owners with time-tested technology.

In this episode we cover cannabis, hemp, CBD, and the illicit market. Plus, a look at the vaping epidemic – how quality control standards need to be established to assure safe, quality products to all consumers. Empower your company with the future of cannabis compliance.

For more info visit: https://cannatechtoday.com

Also Visit: http://ezgreencompliance.com