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Episode 23 – Cannabis Media and Brand Importance During COVID-19

With high-quality media and journalism being so important, Cannabis & Tech Today Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner talks with Founder and CEO of Grasslands: A Journalism-Minded Agency Ricardo Baca. Baca is a 20-year veteran journalist, keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, and thought leader in modern media and drug-policy circles. His enthusiasm for journalism and responsible drug policy has taken him all over the world. Sit back and enjoy the ride while we sit down with this pioneer.

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Episode 16 – How Cannabis Companies Can Help Fight Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In this episode of Cannabis Tech Talks, Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner had the opportunity to speak with Yobie Benjamin, San Francisco-based investor and activist.

Yobie explains how cannabis companies can help fight COVID-19. The largest cannabis companies in the U.S. and beyond all have real-time PCR machines, which are capable of detecting the RNA of the COVID-19 virus. Yobie Benjamin is calling on the FDA to grant a CLIA waiver so that cannabis companies, and other companies and institutions, can pitch in on the fight against the virus.

Testing is critical for identifying infected individuals and separating them from the healthy. Unlike in South Korea, China, etc., the U.S. has failed thus far to scale up testing.

Here’s a brief video by Benjamin talking about the untapped potential of PCR machines: https://www.facebook.com/yobie/videos/10157642328171677/

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