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Episode 95: Building the Cannaverse

You’ve heard of the metaverse, but what is it? It’s not a specific place or piece of technology — it’s how we interact with technology. It’s a virtual world people can enter using VR, AR, PCs, or smart phones. Once inside, users can buy NFTs with digital currency, attend educational seminars, watch concerts, or chat with other avatars to build a virtual life. Amazon disrupted in-person retail shopping in much the same way technologists predict the metaverse will change the way people live their daily lives. 

Cannabis & Tech Today Managing Editor Patricia Miller sat down with Matt Morgan, co-founder of Cannaverse Technologies and the metaverse platform Cannaland, to learn how the cannabis industry can leverage the metaverse for ecommerce and more. Dig deeper at cannaversetech.io or follow Morgan’s IG or TikTok accounts at TheMatthewMorgan.

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