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Episode 96: Building the East Coast Cannabis Scene With Lulu Tsui

Lulu Tsui worked in technology for 15 years before joining the cannabis sector. She’s putting her skills to work in multiple canna- and alternative-health businesses, each somehow more intriguing than the last. As co-founder and chief experience officer for On The Revel, Tsui curates educational and networking experiences for those interested in the cannabis sector. On The Revel offers both in-person and virtual experiences to help foster an inclusive, informed industry in New York City and other legal markets. She’s also President of the Cannabis Media Council, an organization normalizing cannabis through traditional media. Plus, her work as an advisor for Oakland Hyphae is exploring  new frontiers in psychedelic medicine. Cannabis & Tech Today Managing Editor Patricia Miller sat down with Tsui to talk tech and discover her strategy for a nationwide cannabis marketing campaign.

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